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Lincoln Highway… Giants!?

Lincoln Highway, have you heard of it? How about Route 30? In 1912 American roads were barely developed, let alone well laid out. Americans were told, “See America First,’ but how could they under such conditions? Carl Fisher, the man who made the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a bricked track, had a vision of a roadway that spanned from coast to coast across the US. Fisher called his idea “Coast-to-Coast Rock Highway,” and came up with a plan. This transcontinental roadway would be gravel, and communities would receive free materials and a place along the highway if they provided the equipment to build the road. The highway would run from San Francisco to New York. The cost of this undertaking was projected at $10,000,000. Fisher planned to have auto makers contribute, but Henry Ford wanted nothing to do with the project. The Presidents of Goodyear, and Packard Motor Car Company, as well as the public, supported the highway project. Funding came from many sources, and became the great roadway we have today. July 1, 1913 the highway was dedicated with the name Lincoln Highway. Then, all over the country Lincoln Highway was re-named Route 30. In Pennsylvania, 30 stretches from the Western starting in Irwin to Abbotstown in the East. Route 30 spans 200 miles of PA being referred to as Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor. There are 11 murals, one museum, and five Roadside Giants across our 200 miles of road to complete the 200 Mile Roadside Museum.

Located in Bedford County, PA is a giant Quarter. As you zoom along Route 30 in Everett you’ll see this Roadside Giant.

Bedford County Technical Center students partnered with Down River Golf Course, MDL Manufacturing, Rockland Manufacturing, BC Stone, New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co., and SKE Design to create this enormous quarter. The Quarter weighs 1,600 pounds, and can not be picked up. Sorry, Kenny. (Located at 134 Rivers Bend Dr, Everett, PA 15537 at the entrance of Down River Golf Course)

Next time you drive along Lincoln Highway/Route 30 pay attention to any Giants you see, and let us know which is your favorite.

See Yinz later!


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