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About The Host

Kenny Dodson

Host | Creator | Showrunner/ Executive Producer

Director | Editor | Writer


Kenny Dodson's film journey began when he was in 8th grade. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion that eventually led him to the Penn State University film program. There, Kenny met Hollywood Film Editor Mark Livolsi, whom gave Kenny an internship on the hit movie "The Blind Side." Immediately after graduation, Kenny began working with Mark on the film "The Big Year" staring Owen Wilson, Steve Martin, and Jack Black.  Upon completion, Kenny moved to LA and joined Academy Award winning editor Joe Hutshing on "We Bought A Zoo."  Kenny later reunited with Mark on two more movies including Disney's "Saving Mr. Banks." Additionally, Kenny has worked with editor Cindy Mollo on the film "Broken City," starring Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe. Through his experience on five $30 million+ movies, Kenny decided to put that knowledge to use as a full time editor. His film credits include six feature films. Notably, the Western "Western Religion" for James O'Brien, which premiered at the Marche du Film at Cannes Film Festival. Kenny and his family moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. In doing so, he saw a need for PA Traveler and decided to make his idea a reality.

Kenny has a passion for volleyball, and enjoys spending time with friends and family around a roaring fire.


Behind the Scenes


Charli Dubbs
Executive Producer | Podcast Co-Host | Director of Photography 
Music Director | Location Scout | Writer
Emotional Support Unicorn
Charli is a native of Indiana (the state, not the Indiana in PA). Charli has deep family roots in Pennsylvania Coal Mining and Rail Road history, and married into the PA culture in 2010. Charli graduated college with a double major of English & Professional Writing and Media Arts (Video Production & Photography.) Charli did an internship at a Comcast public access studio. There Charli learned how to run a TV Studio. Learning how to Organize talent for on air segments, running cameras and booth equipment, and also learning how to run the editing equipment were all part of the process. Growing up near Chicago, Charli has a huge love of theatre and musicals. Charli was able to work both backstage on sets and costumes, and on stage stealing the show. Charli enjoys Disney, cracking jokes with friends, traveling, cooking, and spreading awareness and kindness. 


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