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Kinzua Bridge State Park

Kinzua Bridge State Park is located in McKeen County, and spans 339 acres. Kinzua Bridge is now referred to as "the reinvented Kinzua Viaduct" or "the Skywalk." The bridge was built to help trains cut through the valley. Due to high winds the beams could only be a certain thickness requiring trains to cross at only 5 mph! Unfortunately, a tornado knocked down half of the bridge in 2003. They were in the middle of restoring it when it collapsed. Restorers did a great job though because the half they restored is still standing today! If you can brave the heights taller than The Statue of Liberty, and the wind, you will be rewarded with amazing mountain views and really cool pics!

The Kinzua State Park Visitors Center and Park Office has a self guided tour and exhibits. They offer a wealth of information on the surrounding area as well. Contact the Office for seasonal hours of operation.

Kinzua Viaduct historical marker. How many of these have you seen in your life? Do you count them on road trips like we do?

In 2011 the Bridge/Viaduct was reinvented as the Skyway. Visitors can walk out onto the remaining support towers, 600 feet, and take in views of the Kinzua Gorge. At the end of the walkway there is even a glass platform. Eek!

Due to safety concerns visitors are not allowed to walk in the area of the downed towers. Visitors are restricted from walking under the Skyway and its surrounding area.

On the way to Kinzua Bridge, we stopped at what we thought was a simple rest stop. It was not! Though we didn't know it at the time, this stop along the beautiful Allegheny River was actually close to a huge, gorgeous dam! Since we weren't aware, I didn't get a pic of the dam itself. Bummer! But we did get a nice walk along the river. There is a playground for the kids and pretty scenery. But that isn't all! Nearby is the Allegheny National Fish Hatchery, Jakes Rocks, Bent Run Waterfall, and Rimrock Overlook. I definitely can't wait to go back and treat this for what it actually is, a destination, not a bathroom stop.

We hope you'll take a trip to Kinzua Bridge State Park someday.

See Yinz Later!


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