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Did you know we do Travel Posts!?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

We sure do!

Hi! Jeeat yet? Welcome to PA Traveler's Travel Posts. (Aka blog.) This is a way for Kenny and Charli to connect with you. As our fans and supporters we would like to bring a little more depth to our social media posts. We wish we could include all of the history on our socials. The stories from our travels are heart warming and touching. Yet, we simply don't have the space on social media to do that. It'll all live here. Bonus content and extended interviews will be here on the website. But, the over all goal, is to let you see all of the fun and hard work that we put into each an every episode of PA Traveler, and our Podcast. We hope you are able to connect a little deeper with us on a personal level.

Q: So, where does PA Traveler go? How does PA Traveler pick locations?

We travel to places people could drive through on their way to bigger destinations. We also travel to large cities, and break down what they have to offer. We will also include an "Over the border" episode in future seasons to show Pennsylvanians close and interesting places in neighboring states. We try to show four categories of what we like to call "stuff" at each location. 1) Things to do. Such as experiences. 2) Things to see. Such as museums or historical locations. 3) Places to stay. Such as B&Bs, Air BNBs, local hotels, or houses for a getaway. And lastly, 4) Places to eat. Self explanatory. "Eat" could be a food truck, ice cream stand, sit down restaurant, pizza place, take out, or a diner. Or, it could be just dessert. We have even visited full blown all inclusive B&Bs with a brewery and restaurant on property. You never know. When we scout a location we try to post on their community Facebook group and ask the locals for the "stuff" we look for. Let's face it, Locals KNOW their community better than anyone. Sometimes we end up crossing places off of our list. Most of the time we end up with additional places. It's a good and bad problem to have. We do combine nearby places that don't have enough "stuff" to stand alone in their own episode. We like this as much as a solo location, because we get to see a couple smaller places that may not get much attention.

Q: Do you like what you do?

Short answer, Yes! We love what we do! It's so rewarding to go into a community and hear the stories of business owners. We enjoy hearing from locals who love their community. It's our honor to tell their stories. Long answer, it can be absolutely exhausting. There are countless hours of planning. Hundreds of phone calls are made. Hundreds of emails and messages get sent. There are hundreds of editing hours that no one but our spouses and families see. We get bummed sometimes when we miss things at home, but ultimately, we get a lot of down time too in our off season. It all balances out. It was nerve wracking to make this show during a world wide Pandemic. We get to be home with our kiddos during the school year, and on important days. It's absolutely worth all of the time invested to be able to do what we love.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this little walk back stage. We look forward to bringing you much more content here on the website in the very near future.

See Yinz Later!


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