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DelGrosso Amusement and Water Park

DelGrosso’s Park & Laguna Splash wasn’t always the built up and fun place it is today. In 1907 it was a farm owned by the Bland Family. The Bland Family decided they’d allow the carnival on their land, and the rest is history. 12 years down the road, The Bland’s opened a small park with a picnic area and a small dance floor. In 1946 railroader Fred and Mafalda DelGrosso bought the land, and started making upgrades. First up were rides, restrooms and concession stands. The DelGrosso’s and their many grown children all contributed to what would become a fixture in Tipton, and the Altoona area. The name changed from “Bland’s Park” to what we all know today and affectionately call, ‘DelGrosso’s” in 2000. We all know there is an amusement park side. In the amusement park side there’s a ton of delicious food and over 30 rides and attractions. However, it’s summer and we want to talk about the waterpark, Laguna Splash! Did we mention there’s an Italy theme to the entire property? What’s not to love?

There are several waterslides, a wave pool, a relaxing lazy river, and even a Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can rent a cabana to take a rest from the fun and sun. There are also several places to get your favorite foods, and sweet treats to enjoy on a hot summer day. There are day and season passes available, and a picnic area available to rent for large parties.

Laguna Splash has quickly become a tradition for thousands of families every summer. From May to Harvestfest in September, DelGrosso’s has several months worth of fun for any family. Wether you are looking for a day of dry fun at the amusement park, or an all day waterpark extravaganza, DelGrosso’s has so much to offer families looking to spend the day together.

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park & Laguna Splash is located at:

4352 E Pleasant Valley Blvd

Tipton, PA 16684


Laguna opens 11AM-7PM

Park Rides open NOON-8PM

If you plan to make a trip to Tipton, check the DelGrosso website for precautions, and official hours of operations.


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