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Carnegie, Dinosaurs?

You’ve heard of Industrialist Andrew Carnegie, right? I’m sure you have, but did you know he had a passion for paleontology?Carnegie founded the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in 1896. This museum houses 22 million specimens. 10,000 specimins are on display at any point in time. If you have a few hours you can visit the 115,000 square foot museum located in the Okland Neighborhood of Pittsburgh. You can also go online and view the museums catalogue of around 1 million specimens. This museum is split up into 20 galleries, and includes office spaces, a library, and research spaces. There is one important thing to note before you decide to take a trip to Carnegie Museum of Natural History, it’s HAND ON! There are a large number of hands on exhibits in each gallery. IF you can touch there will be a sign, so keep your eyes peeled.

Notice the sign “Please Touch” under the Bear? Go ahead, pet him!

The museum became prominent when scientists discovered the first fossils of Diplodocus carnegii in 1899. Dippy, as the dino is affectionately called, is on display and lived during the Jurassic Period. Some people even argue this is the most famous dino in the world. (I won’t argue, but I will put one name that may be even more famous right here: Sue.)

“Dippy” from above.

Who had the first specimen of Tyrannosaurus Rex in the world? You guessed it, Carnegie Museum of Natural History!

One of the most interesting places in the museum is the Paleo Lab located acros from the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems. Carnegie paleontologists work in real time right in front of visitors. Paleontology lovers could spend hours here.

The museum is absolutely beautiful. Even if you simply wander around you’ll find something interesting or captivating to explore.

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is located at:

4400 Forbes Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Hours (at time of writing)

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10AM-5PM

Thursday: 10AM-8PM

The museum is CLOSED Tuesdays

Children under 2 FREE

Children 3-18: $11.95

Adults: $19.95

Seniors: $14.95

Students (with ID): $11.95

Military/Veteran, Access/EBT and Student discounts available if you call or email before your visit.

Don’t forget there is a Membership option also.


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